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Saturday, May 29

Concerning DW's post...

Think things are getting better?
Read the article posted by DW at bigbrassblog

The shock will come hardest to those who think things are on their way to recovery. Buoyed by the media’s incessant, intentional ignorance of the situation, when nightfall happens, they’ll be the first to cry foul.

Whether a conspiracy theory or not, I have trouble believing conditions “just happened.”
Select laws overturned, others created at the last minute, a questionable election, a non-fight over that election, 911, disdain for the Constitution, a remarkably ready Patriot Act, hurry to an illegal, unnecessary war with grandstanding by the media, special energy agreements, swift-boating of an opposing candidate, special executive signing statements unchallenged by Congress, FISA complicit Congress, Habeas Corpus ignored, due process obviated, divisiveness among Americans brought on by class hatred, government hatred fomented by one media, Fox in particular, continuing ignorance by the main stream media, suppression of rights, convenient amnesia about financial matters, increased dissension over minorities, willful hate rhetoric from the Right Wing, the religious sector and militia groups, blatant financial irresponsibility allowing the recession, corruption in the government, the Fed, banking and financial sectors, reduced assistance for the common American, huge bailouts for overt corruption, a duplicitous new administration with corrupt advisors, criminal acts by wealthy and powerful excused and accepted, harsh new laws enacted pertaining to the public, corporate greed excused. I’m sure there’s more.
This didn’t happen by amazing chance. It was orchestrated. Call it whatever you like; NWO, New American Century, Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Religion, ad nauseam.
That this wasn’t restricted to America makes it even easier to accept. All of a sudden there are hate crimes all over the world, increased gay bashing that didn’t exist before, the Fox network inciting violence and hatred toward immigrants, America First, teaparty fools suckered into supporting the very organizations they once railed against, murders of investigative reporters in Russia, accentuated hatred by Iran, north Korea, The African Bloc, attempts to start revolutions in other countries, and more.
Some group is behind all of this. Some group laid the groundwork for a global insurrection while those in power reaped the rewards. This could not have happened by chance. Conditions were created for it. Probably starting in the 1970s by those who rose to power in the 80s and in 2001.
In 1998 the Bilderberg Group (the main group that makes the World’s Rules) reportedly decided that the next 50 years should be filled with troubles, dissension, revolution, mayhem, religious and ethnic persecution. The story was because the world as it was and is could not support the growing population. Better to let them kill each other off and then start anew with handpicked descendents of this era.
We have yet to see the worst. It’s coming. Make no mistake. Even if things were to somehow start to look better, contingencies will come into play to make sure prosperity dies.
DW has been right on portending the coming doom. Some of us realized this even before reading the Wraith’s prophecies. But we were laughed at and called conspiracy theorist, fools, idiots.
Am I wrong? Nothing legislative has had any serious, long-lasting meaning for the American public since…when? Nearly every law passed the last 10 years has in some way added to the power of corporations, to their financial strength while diminishing that of the public. Nearly every law passed by Congress involving the public has been a left-handed compliment. And any that appeared decent were filled with loopholes to obliterate their strength and fell by the wayside. The few in Congress who championed them capitulated to the corrupt majority.
Money we don’t have is funneled into corrupt corporations here and for the “wars.” Money, concern and laws for the American Public is questioned, debated then defeated. Money for corporation and the military is quickly acted on and approved.
Important issues are downplayed and rationalized away; health care, outsourced jobs, American jobs, Rights, all in favor of corporate America. And you don’t believe we’re on the Eve of Destruction!
Set your alarm clocks for the second half of the 21st Century. If your children or grandchildren survive, they’ll experience what the fascists, the corrupt capitalists, the Neo ConservaLibs, the incorrigible Religists will call a New World, run by a consortium of Corporations and Theists.
In a few short years, capitalism has done what dictators and kings and other tyrants couldn’t; they defeated America – but only with the help of Americans.

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