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Monday, May 10

And then there were 3, & other stuff...

What world is Barry living in? It may be nice to believe "Why can't we all just get along?" and if he clicks his heels together three times those on the Right will somehow beat their weapons into plowshares and embrace equality, goodness and purity and the mythical dogma of truth, justice and the American Way and manna will fall from the skies and we can all go home again.

Meanwhile, back to reality.

Once again, Obamuel has shown the duplicity hidden from us during his campaign.
Add Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan to the list of choices Bush would have made. The facade the conservatives are showing is for the benefit of the media. They couldn't be much happier with the choice for moving the SCOTUS even farther to the right but they have to maintain the image they oppose Obamuel's choices. Exactly who has Obamuel appointed that the Right really objected to? Nobody! But they sure made it look as though they did.
Kagan has expressed a tendency to increase executive power. Bush didn't get EVERYTHING he wanted and now Obamuel will. She's another product of the Ivy League. That somehow is supposed to make the choice wiser? Bush was an Ivy Leaguer as is Obama. Larry Summers (remember him?) appointed Kagan Dean of the Law School. Slant right. If nothing else, that should send up a red flag.
We on the left didn't vote for centrism. But we've been ignored for Obamuel's pandering to the Right and the more than special interests.
Sotomayor was a poor choice for the Left and should never have been confirmed. Kagan carries that absurdity further. She has no experience as a justice. Barry might as well have nominated Howdy Doody.
There will come a time in the near future when this will become quite apparent. But it will be too late.
Many think this is the beginning of the 21st Century. It should be painfully obvious Bush and Obama along with the United Corporations of America are moving us backward to the beginnings of the 20th Century when the real destination is the late 1800s.
Already, moronic decisions have been made that give corporations as much or more power than they had during the Robber Baron Era. Kagan's views on the Unitary Position of the Presidency are directly in line with that of Dick Cheney, John Yoo and Corporate America and will add to the power of the President to govern at will. Is a Monarchy in the offing? We're nearly there already with executive signings. Can the repeal of alcohol, voting rights for women, abortion rights or even the child labor laws be in jeopardy? Can they be simply erased by a signing statement? Why not? The 4th Amendment is sterile because of executive signings. We can't afford to take that chance. Even some of the Obamuel apologists at kos are questioning that site's views and are being ostracized for them. Kos however, is just like the Republicans in that he can't admit he made a mistake. Or if he chooses not to admit it, he's no better than the rabble he tried to remove. But it gets him on TV.
While some may argue we still have a Democracy, Bush initiated, and Obamuel is making sure with their conservative choices, we have an "Adopted Monarchy" in the Supreme Court for years to come. We may even be privileged to see laws changed in the near future to allow the SCOTUS to select their own successors. And why not? The people no longer select the Representatives who will choose who runs the country. Representation by Americans is obsolete. Corporations now make the choices we used to make.
In 2012 we must make sure that NO Conservative is elected...or re-elected. Any and all Progressive choices for the presidency must be seriously evaluated and re-evaluated with severe consequences for elected officials who don't follow Progressive Views. Incumbency has no prerogative.
One thing is certain. In 2012, rather than lip service or street rhetoric, Progressives will need change that can be believed in. Pretentiousness, perfidious campaign promises and duplicity can not be tolerated. We will need new leadership in every position. Remove those who claim to be Progressive but don't support Progressive Ideas. We don't need recycled politicians from the 80s, 90s or even current times. We need a Progressive government that is answerable to the people not corporations.
This country can't move forward making decisions with a 20th Century mindset or with conservative policies, people, elected officials or interpreted laws that cause stagnation for people but reward corporations. The first obligation of the government has to be to its people. The people of this country don't owe a thing to the government; the people of this country provide everything for the government; the government owes the people first and foremost, not the corporations.
It's time to move forward, with or without Obamuel and the DINO Congress.

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