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Wednesday, April 7

Woman kills 19 year old over her "Easter" attire

In Ohio over the weekend a 42 year old woman, Evelyn Burgess, was upset with her 19 year old niece Danielle Pickens' outfit- short shorts. They got into an argument over her attire because she felt that the young one was flaunting herself in front of the men at the Easter party. It started with a baseball bat and escalated to a gun.

"I didn't mean to do it," the woman said. "We was arguing, I tried to get my gun to prove a point, they got the rifle with me and it went off."

Asked about the location of her niece, the woman says bluntly, "In the car. I think she's dead."
Apparently it was no surprise that the 19 year old was wearing skimpy attire:
"The way she was dressed that day is the way she always dressed, and everybody knew that," said Tico Pickens, 33. "It wasn't like she meant any harm toward nobody by doing it. It was just comfortable to her."
oh my
A fight broke out with Evelyn Burgess and Danielle struggling with a baseball bat, then ended as Ralinda Pickens broke things up, got her sister outside and prepared to drive her home.

The sisters were in the car when Burgess came running up with a gun, reached inside the car, pulled Danielle by the hair and shot her as she tried to seek shelter under her older sister, Ralinda Pickens said.
I don't understand why crazy people are allowed to own weapons.

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