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Friday, April 23

Why aren't conservatives funny?

Bill O'Reilly was whining on his show that there aren't enough conservative comedians. Well duh. Conservatives are not funny unless you think that making fun of other people's hardships is hilarious... and that's a sickness.

Conservative politicians and religious leaders make for great comedy because they say and do such ridiculously idiotic, illogical, nonsensical things just about every day and get media coverage as if it were reality based. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds and it can make for some great comic relief if delivered by the right comedian.

No Bill, it's not a Hollywood plot to keep conservative comedians off the tv or out of the movies... it's just that there aren't any. Bill lacks the smarts to see what constitutes "funny." Hollywood wants to make money and if conservatives were funny, they'd get gigs.

What makes something funny is that it has to have truth to it so that people can relate to it. You also have to be very bright to be a comedian. How many bright self proclaimed conservatives are there out there? Haven't seen one yet. Would love to! They only repeat what they are told. Boring. And whomever is telling them what to say has zero sense of irony. You've got to be able to detect irony in order to be funny.

All you have to do is compare and contrast what a politician or religious leader says and does one day with another day and it's hilarious! Why? Because they can't keep their bullshit stories straight. That's what makes for good political comedy. That's why the Daily Show is such a hit. The stuff is true!

When a comedian becomes conservative, they become boring- Dennis Miller is a good example.

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