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Tuesday, April 27


We need to get the 3% more oil that's left off our shores.
Drilling is way safer today than years ago!
We need to be independent of foreign oil.
Drill, baby....etc.

Imagine if this happened off the coasts of Virginia, North or South Carolina.
Seems that I remember some rather nice beaches there. Oh well.

Now imagine this happening just before a major hurricane is about to hit the spill site while heading inland.

Not only would the beaches become oil polluted but I would venture that for miles inland, trees, houses, streets, buildings and other expendable property would need a few million gallons of "Dawn" and many, many extra billions of dollars for the clean up and even more billions to bail-out those states who lost revenue from their tourist trade.

With winds getting the oil air-born, I'm sure Washington wouldn't mind sandblasting the not-so-White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, etc.

The football team of Baltimore would truly be Raven Colored as would the stadium and the Baseball team would have to change its name to the Blackbirds.

Joey B. could get DuPont to repaint Delaware some snappy bright green. New Jersey beaches might not notice it for a while, though, being used to the garbage from NYC!

Philly would look just great with an oil-black Liberty Bell. And farther up the coast, if it turned into a Nor'easter, New York City, Lieberman's Home, Boston and the rest of New England would suffer as well.

And if it hit Florida or the Bahamas, well, Jeb and Marco would probably blame Clinton.

In the Gulf, Alabama, Mississippi and Texass governors and Senators Sessions, Barbour, and Perry would get new houses for themselves. Louisiana...sorry, too bad. You couldn't plan ahead. You get nothing but FEMA help from Brownie.

Yep! You betcha! The risks to get the cost of gas down 3 cents per gallon to satisfy the Republicans, teabaggers and Stupid American Public (SAPs) sure outweigh the billions we'd need to spend to correct big oil and big business's next bout of greed.

The cost of Katrina would pale compared to cleaning and resurrecting the East Coast or even the Gulf Coast when this happens. And don't kid yourselves, it'll be WHEN...not if.

Can this type of catastrophe be avoided? Sure! No drilling. But since that isn't going to happen and the actions we've seen from businesses like Massey and Exxon indicate they don't care about people or the consequences since they know the Feds will bail them out we need a simple law to make sure it won't happen. How? Make the companies involved...AND the legislators who approved it and the lobbyists who screwed for it totally, 100% responsible to pay for the cleanup. AND in the law, make sure the companies can NOT pass the cost of the cleanup on to the public. Then let them drill, baby!

Maybe Sarah and John and Lindsay and even Barry and all the others who are in favor of this potential disaster will be more than happy to volunteer their time and their own money to clean up the mess they allowed.

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