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Friday, April 2

Jon Stewart: "CNN could exercise some editorial authority and integrity "

Happy Easter.

CNN is losing viewers. In its efforts to get more viewers, they began to suck more than ever before. They claim to be more moderate when in fact they don't challenge ideologues at all. That's not news. That's opinion. If I want opinion, I can watch Faux News or MSNBC. Where do people turn for actual news? PBS.

Jon Stewart gets it.

Counseling CNN on how it can "get in the game," Stewart said, "They can go partisan, like their brethren at MSNBC or Fox -- get themselves a Glenn Olber-Beck or a Sean Hanni-Dow. Or, CNN could exercise some editorial authority and integrity -- start breaking apart the entire right-left politico-journalist symbiotic paradigm, lead a new generation of truth-seekers on an anti-talking point jihad."

"Or, or, they could just throw random bloggers into a hot-to-box and see what sticks," he added, before playing a series of clips unveiling the harsh rhetoric of founder and conservative writer Erick Erickson, who CNN recently hired as a paid contributor.

"We could use that guy to make Mary Matalin seem sane and Carville seem human," mocked the host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, assailing Erickson's "entire resume" of "incendiary political rhetoric."

The progressive blog Think Progress labeled Erickson "unhinged" upon his CNN hire and pointed to a number of "racial and violent statements" he has made in the past, such as telling Tea Partiers to "send Obama to a death panel."

"CNN: We don't know what the fuck we're doing," Stewart concluded.

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