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Friday, April 2

If any conservatives are reading this, stop crying!

I don't know about you fellow travelers, but isn't the conservative whining getting on your nerves? That is all you ever hear on the "liberal" media... whine, whine, whine, cry, cry, cry... it's just exhausting and I just can't even read the paper or watch the news without wanting to bang my head against the wall. They literally make shit up on the news channels to enrage people.

The conservatives got EVERYTHING they wanted. When will they ever quit their bitching? When they had all the power they bitched, when they lost the majority in the House and Senate they still have all the power and still bitch about it. They own ALL the media. What more could they possibly want? They have their minions protesting things that aren't gonna happen like the pro-gun rally coming up in DC... sheesh.

The armed and protesting crazies aren't losing any of their rights and yet all you hear are these whining babies complaining that all their rights were stripped. Which ones did Obama strip? So far, the ones that bush stripped are all still stripped.

If idiots want to protest taxes, they ought to take a look at what was spent on the bogus wars and then come crying to me for some sympathy.

Let's see: the war is still going strong and war profiteers are making more money from the US government than health care reform is going to cost us, the US is drone bombing Pakistan without us even having to declare war against them, there's no sign that guns will ever be regulated, well armed militias are making a huge comeback, the PATRIOT Act was renewed without a wimper, banks were bailed out and the bankers are getting richer on our dime, insurance companies weren't hurt by health care reform, DADT hasn't been repealed, Guantanamo Bay is still open for business, we still torture, the SCOTUS is still riddled with activist judges who basically gave all the power to corporations who can easily install their minions in our government, the health care reform bill included all the junk conservatives wanted and yet they didn't even vote for it, there are still faith based initiatives, fear mongering is at an all time high, we're gonna drill for oil offshore which should thrill Sarah Palin, they've successfully rewritten history and redefined words, ensured that our young people are much less educated than ever before, brought back "New Speak", we still fund abstinence only sex education, they can strip search us at airports, Goldman still owns the USA, the Koch brothers are running the show, the treasury is still drained and there are many many more things that I can't even think of off hand that should make conservatives thrilled.

What exactly do they want other than not having a black man in the White House? To hand over the whole government to private corporations? Over my dead body. What else? To ban abortions? They had every opportunity to ban abortions when they had the majority and they didn't do it... why? Because they only pretend to be "pro-life" in order to get votes.

The fascists are running the show and Obama seems more than happy to oblige. What did I miss?

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