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Saturday, April 10

From the Liberal News...

Tiger Woods is Back! After a long absence due to unfortunate circumstances, the greatest golfer in the world has returned, Hoo-ray!
At a news conference the other day, Tiger apologized again for letting his fans, the game, his sponsors and the media down. He also said his family suffered because the media kept hounding them and that wasn’t nice. But on the course, he seems back in form. Isn’t it just great?

In other news, the owner of the mine that exploded had numerous safety violations over the last 5 years and more than a few the last couple of months.

Newt and Sarah slammed the president for his stance on nuclear retaliation saying that if Wales attacked the U.S. with a dirty bomb he wouldn’t retaliate with nukes. Nuclear expert Sarah questioned his patriotism. Looks like we’re turning into a country of chickens. Don’t those other countries know we’re number one in everything?

Justice Stevens is retiring. Obama is choosing a radical right wing replacement, Elena Kagan, to take his place.

Fox News reports that global warming is a fraud. Says there’s no evidence to back it up and the scant evidence questionable scientists provide is faked to keep their jobs inthe left wing establishment. Beck says this is the greatest fraud perpetrated on the Americans since fluoride. “We need to investigate this further”, he said. “It could cost American jobs.”

Obama announced that he’s allowing off-shore drilling for a few drops of oil.

Nearly half the U.S. households pay no tax! Shows you that the tax cuts the Republicans (and our glorious Ronnie) initiated really work for the people. Middle class families of four making $50,000 a year OWE no tax according to Deloitte Tax (formerly Deloitte Touche, a firm that panders to big business by suggesting ways to remove those nasty lower class employees that suck the profits from corporations). Some criticized big corporations for PAYING no taxes (as opposed to those families OWING no tax, but still paying something to the government even if the article didn’t state that – a possible difference there, but whatever) but those malcontents don’t realize just how many jobs that extra money they don’t have to pay might create!

The FCC lost a case to Comcast over net neutrality.

Republicans vowed to repeal all the Obama bills when they regain control of the house, senate and presidency in 2010 and 2012. There’s absolutely too much crazy spending on health care, social security, education and unemployment; money that could be put to better use in Afghanistan, Yeman, Somalia and, let’s face it, we need to go “Back to Iraq” since Obama’s policies haven’t produce results the way the Bush/Cheney policy did.

The unedited version of James O’Keefe’s fraudulent account of Acorn shows that a reportedly left wing organization that helped thousands of low income families did nothing wrong and needed to shut down.

Sarah Palin says in a speech to patriotic teabaggers that Obama’s government spending is killing this country. We need to make government smaller. We need to stop such wasteful spending. There are entirely too many departments that just aren’t needed like the EPA, BLM, HHS and Department of Education. This money should be returned in the form of tax cuts! That money could be put to better use. This is one of the things teabaggers want, to reduce Obama’s wasteful spending!

The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan now top 716 billion and 265 billion since Bush took office in 2001.

In some good news, there seem to be no missing white girls.

More news you can use later!

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