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Thursday, April 15

"First You Get Down On Your Knees ..."

(hat tip to Crooks & Liars.)

Catholics in Oklahoma (motto: "We Like Federal Subsidies, So Federal Government Should Stay Out")'s St. John Borromeo Church commissioned an icon from an artist who specializes in such things. Using accepted classical forms, the artist did what she was paid to do - create an icon of Jesus on the cross, with the sign "The King of Glory" affixed.

And it looks pretty good - until certain parishioners noticed something.

If you look at the icon as solely an object of veneration, things are fine, but if you have a dirty mind or a diseased imagination (two attributes I enjoy, actually) you see that the appellation "The King of Glory" is entirely appropriate.

Particularly when you realize the icon is Ten Feet High, and posted prominently over the altar.

Naturally, the people with the prurient minds who want to be at least perceived publicly as holier-than-thou drew attention to this, saying that Jesus' abs looked like he was sporting a package that would make a Clydesdale feel inadequate. Naturally, they started screeching that the artist should be ashamed of herself and the icon withdrawn.

I think that these good Catholics should say fifteen Hail Marys and a like number of Our Fathers as a penance for having dirty minds. Honestly. Of course, it also points out the truth to the idea that you bring your own preconceptions to bear on any work of art.

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