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Saturday, April 24

At last, the type of woman you want to read about

British beauty, Liv Boeree, 25, is a model, a television personality, a former Pony Club member and an astrophysics graduate. She lives with her mom and step-dad. She's not a gambler but signed up to test her analytical skills and poker face in the European Poker Tour and and won £1m. She plans to invest the money in property.

She's the kind of female that should be an example to all young women... and even us older ones. Why is it that the completely idiotic examples of our gender get all the attention? Bimbo's are NOT the norm. It's probably for the same reason why completely idiotic anything's get all the attention. It's really no wonder that so many of us just want to bang our heads against the walls when we read papers or watch television. Not this time.

From pony club to poker star: Glamorous British 'Iron Maiden' wins £1m in card tournament

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