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Thursday, April 22


"Whatever world you live in or get your news from curt, please provide examples of how the Democrats ruined the economy in less than 2 years especially since no major legislation was enacted by them."

I asked a Right-Wing Commenter to answer the above question and got this reply.

I guess that in your world budgets aren't major legislation.

As for Clinton leaving a budget surplus, it never happened. It was a projected surplus. It evaporated in the recession that started in the last months of his administration.

My answer on Goldman Sachs is that if the investigation proves criminal activity took place, then those responsible should share a cell block with Bernie Madoff.

All the posturing going on now is no more than kabuki theater anyway. Both parties are ass deep in Goldman Sachs with the Democrats slighly deeper.

The above blurb is a sad example of the intentional evasion and ignorant distortion routinely provided by Right-Wingers commenters and one in particular on Left-Wing Blogs. We’ve all heard their talking points that only they believe unquestioningly to be true. We’ve all seen examples of their distortions and outright lies to try to prove a point at any cost by distortion, distraction, twisted spinning and outright lying. If that doesn’t work, they continually raise their voices to the point of trying to out yell the competition. However, when finally faced with facts they can’t counter, they usually resort to incessant talking and/or interruption of any conversation with the party they’re trying to convince. They exhibit a religious adherence to moronic pundits on Fox and Right-Wing radio who also fail to provide or cite facts to verify their ravings.

We’ve also heard it said many times that the right will spew a lie enough times thinking that will cause others to believe it to be true. Sadly, they themselves even begin to believe what they inaccurately repeat so often is true without checking for themselves before badgering others with their falsehoods.
In the above response there are two clear examples of right wing duplicity and evasion.

The person in question was asked to provide facts over his statement that “Well, things were going rather well with the economy until the Dems took over Congress in '06.”

I asked him to provide examples of that statement.
His reply? “I guess that in your world budgets aren't major legislation”
Budgets weren’t discussed in the original comment. But that didn’t stop the erstwhile wingnut from changing the subject to try to move his non-response away from the posed question. And why would he do that? Probably because he can’t answer the question put forth. So he feels the need to evade the question yet try to make it look as though I was incorrect through his evasion.
He then goes on to try to amplify his superfluous points by introducing a statement as (his?) fact without any proof (that there was a recession during Clinton’s last months, when economist agree it started in around March of 2001 reaching its worst point after September 11, 2001, which if you listen closely enough to Republicans, was during Clinton’s Administration, according to the knowledgeable on the Right! (See Perino, Giuliani and various Right-Wing Radio and Fox pundits for more Republican Talking Points about that bit of revisionist history). Adding a condition that not only wasn’t discussed but was also irrelevant to the point and false is a standard of the Right when they can’t refute with actual facts. Check here and here and here for more information on this issue.

He then goes on to further move the reader away from his inability to answer my question by introducing a meaningless sentence to the discussion concerning Goldman Sachs and Bernie Madoff(???). Then he finishes with a supposition and unsupported declaration that while both parties are dastardly, the Democrats are “slightly” worse, which begs another question. Which Democrats are “slightly” worse than which Republicans and who are they? I don’t expect an answer to that one either.

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! He really should go back to Republican Talking Points Class. Frankie Luntz will be SOOO disappointed in him that he may not get the next few memos.

About his fictional rendition of the Clinton Surplus, he shows himself as a complete lock-stepping Right-Wing Youth (yeah, that’s a definite reference) to Republican Talking Points without the common sense or intellect to provide proof. There are numerous ways to check the authenticity or inanity of his comment but he chose none. So I will.

There’s an organization called made of non partisans who do really look into statements made by people like himself. They even have a web site (I didn’t notice any ads for Quaker State or National Batteries on it, though so maybe he won’t accept their findings as fact after all).
It seems as though a lot of Right-Wingers have repeatedly perpetrated the surplus myth (that is that there was NO surplus from Clinton). shows that Clinton left a 127 billion dollar SURPLUS into 2001 which was quickly squandered by the Bush Administration. Here’s their chart (they aren’t Democrat or Republicans, is comprised of both…imagine that?)

Of course, I don’t expect him to accept the information on this chart because Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly or Mitch McConnell or especially Frank Luntz didn’t approve it. That’s sad but typical of the Right. So long as it is something they disagree with, it can’t be true unless it conforms to their fiction.

Again I pose the question to him:

“Please provide examples of how the Democrats ruined the economy in less than 2 years especially since no major legislation was enacted by them. “

I won’t even put him on the spot about the previous 4 years where he claims:
“Well, things were going rather well with the economy until the Dems took over Congress in '06.”

I dunno. Maybe things on E. Main Street in Flatland are different than the rest of the country. Just maybe reality is too much for some people to accept.

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