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Thursday, April 15

10 Inconvenient Truths for Tax Day

From Crooks and Liars

10 Inconvenient Truths for Tax Day:

  • Over 95% of Working Households Got Tax Cuts
  • Only 2% of Tea Baggers Know Obama Cut Their Taxes...
  • ...and 52% of Tea Partiers Think Their Taxes are Fair...
  • ...and Think the Federal Tax Level is Over Double What It Is
  • 1% of Families Earned 24% of All Income...
  • ...and 57% of All Capital Income
  • 400 Richest Taxpayers Saw Incomes Double, Tax Rates Halved
  • Only 1 in 500 Families Pay the Estate Tax
  • Corporate Taxes Have Plummeted as a Share of GDP
  • The U.S. Loses $345 Billion a Year to Tax Evasion and Fraud
The complete details at this link

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