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Tuesday, March 23

You are what you eat

The new health bill will make chain restaurants and fast food joints post their calorie counts on their menus.

I am rather shocked at the ridiculous comments made at the bottom of this story at yahoo news. No, it's not a government plot to regulate what we eat because they are commies. It's actually quite helpful. We still get to make choices and they are informed choices. We can choose to get fatter or not. I think the bad reaction to this part of the bill is simply because so many people fear that Obama and the Democrats are going make the US into Soviet Russia before long. Enough already. Grow up.

I would like to express right here that this is the kind of stuff I expect my government to do- look out for my fat ass and not allow corporate restaurants to feed me meals without divulging exactly what those foods consist of. I should have a right to know what's in what I eat. We know that corporations go out of their way to trick us into buying their products. So many restaurants pretend they are serving you something healthy when in fact, the food is anything but healthy.

No one has a problem when the government spends trillions of our money to invade a sovereign country under the guise of keeping us safe but they have a problem when the government wants us to be informed about what we put in our mouths.

We are being poisoned and made obese from the crap and mega calories hidden in food we order in restaurants. It is no wonder we are fat and sick in this country. Some of us don't want to be fat and sick and yet we like to go out to eat as much as anyone else. Those of us who actually give a shit about what we put in our bodies should be thrilled about this. Those who don't care, don't have to read the calorie counts.

I recently read Eat This, Not That and belong to their Facebook group. You can find out a lot of information right here too. You have no idea what sort of calories are hidden in seemingly harmless foods you order in restaurants. Look at this- the worst foods in America. You may have eaten them unaware of the horror on your plate. I was shocked when I read the books. It was no wonder that I was so huge. Here I thought I was ordering some low calorie salad or chicken dish and somehow the restaurant managed to stick 94 g's of fat in there and thousands of calories. I found out that I once ate a Taco salad that had 2000 calories at a Mexican restaurant! Try to find a safe salad in TGI Fridays. Fat chance. Lately, I check the calorie counts for most restaurants online before I go out. If I don't do that, I may be lured into ordering something with 2000 calories that looks pretty healthy.

In actuality it's best to cook your own food and avoid processed foods altogether. I do that most of the time, but I also find that I am away from my kitchen a lot and have to grab a bite when I'm out. Eat this, Not That also has a book about the garbage sold at supermarkets with healthy options.

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