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Sunday, March 14

What constitutes "having sex?

by blondesense liz

What constitutes "having sex?

According to a latest Kinsey study which was from Indiana, most people would say that actual intercourse between a man and a woman is "having sex", but after that, responses vary. The only group that thought sexual intercourse where a man is wearing a condom was not "Having sex" were males over 65.

Many people don't consider oral sex as actually "having sex." If your spouse has oral sex with someone else, then it's having sex. If you have oral sex with someone other than your spouse, then it doesn't count. If Bill Clinton even looks at you, it's "having sex."

Where I come from, having sex means you had sexual intercourse. Everything else is either foreplay or messing around. That's Catholic school upbringing. Of course we didn't have sex or foreplay or mess around until long after we were married.

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