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Saturday, March 6

Sorry, I'm out of Snake-Oil...

Yea-Yesss, Sinners and Sufferers!!!

This is an ad I received in my weekly batch of junk mail. I enlarged the blurb about the healing powers to make it easily readable.
There may be few words to describe those responsible for this, I guess, although I can think of a number. I'm sure the profits from this product will greatly relieve the pain of those who concocted this wonderous item!

My immediate question:

Did he wear one on the cross and if so, is this bracelet what allowed him to endure the pain?
(Also, you will notice that pain-free Jesus is a white male in a land of not so white males.)

Who needs a health care bill?

(click the image to enlarge - of course if you already have a Jesus bracelet, your eyes should be just really swell enough to see the small print!)

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