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Wednesday, March 31

Shame on Bill Donohue- Catholic League

Bill Donohue was on Larry King defending the Pope. (video here) He claims that since the boys who were raped by the priests were "post-pubescent" then it was not pedophilia... according to him, it was merely homosexuality (and I assume, therefore not a crime.) Donohue claimed to be an expert in this area.

I have a thought (if I use Bill Donohue's logic)... if a priest rapes a teenage girl, then it's merely heterosexuality (and not the crime of rape) because she is post pubescent?

Bill Donohue seems to be forgiving priests who rape victims over the age of 12 or 13. I believe the age of consent is about 16 or 17, isn't it? I'm surprised no one brought that up on King's panel.

The fact that the RCC hasn't come out publicly to shut Donohue up only makes me believe that they condone this asshattery.

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