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Wednesday, March 17

Same as in town...

It used to be that as a whore or gigolo, male or female, once your services were over, you got paid. Sometimes you negotiated a price beforehand, sometimes the fee was understood. The better you were at satisfying the customer the more you charged. Street walkers average 20 to 50 bucks for varying services to the clientele. Suburban visiting providers can charge upwards of a hundred. And of course there are the “pros” who service the important people, CEOs and talk show hosts. Thousands of dollars aren’t even worried about there.

But what about those who provide a service but don’t charge? Don't believe it? In fact, there is a group who would rather pay to be the proverbial whore. They complain that they’re being taken advantage of but still, after the fact, they gleefully hand over cash to the clients rather than accept anything for their act.

What is it about these “reverse prostitutes”? When people do this, some claim it’s because they have low self-esteem. Others suggest they simply enjoy the self deprivation, the masochistic pleasures. But I think it goes beyond that. I think it’s a product of their environment, their everyday life and their inability to cope due to a limited intellect. If they have less awareness of their existence, chances are they have very limited to no comprehension of how life works. Most just go on their merry way through life totally clueless as to why they do what they do. More, or maybe most probably don’t care so long as they can continue their petty survival in a world they may not be capable of understanding.
Constantly being treated as less than human by those above them, from the time they are very young, the only way to get attention is to prostrate themselves to the “haves” in the hopes someday, something may trickle down to them.

While laws are created to prevent such abuse, those above (the "haves") understand this tendency and take full advantage of it by finding loopholes. Today, many even flaunt the law openly. They are comfortable enough in their position that virtually nothing will be done to them.

The numbers of these reverse prostitutes, whores, trollops, tramps, doxies, hookers, bimbos or dozens of other monikers they go by, have increased tremendously over the last 60 years. By some estimates, we now have close to 300 million of these more than willing reverse whores. Sadly, those 300 million seem to enjoy getting screwed and can’t get enough of it. Even sadder is they don't care whether they pass this affliction to their kids.

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