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Thursday, March 11

Lush Bimbo Is Really A Socialist

by blondesense liz

One of the biggest lying hypocrites in the world, Lush Bimbo, recently told his listeners that if healthcare reform passed in the US, he'd flee to Costa Rica. I was hoping that it would pass so he would leave. But wait a minute. I want to go there. NOW!

Interesting that he should pick Costa Rica since their values are anything but the regressive conservative values that he claims to embrace and promote so vehemently on the free public (socialist) airwaves in the US convincing millions of listeners that they should always vote against their own best interests.

I just learned a few things from Limbaugh endorses socialist paradise at A World Of Progress
There is socialized medicine in Costa Rica- cradle to grave-- the kind where your doctor literally works for the government. If something like happened here, he'd be apoplectic, but he'd be happy to jump on the gravy train in another country. They must have death panels if the government runs healthcare too. Right?

The literacy rate in Costa Rica is 97%. It is THE highest in the world. Everyone goes to college and even grad school on the government's dime. It's in their constitution.

There is NO military in Costa Rica. It's in their constitution.

It's the greenest country in the world. They believe in global warming and are doing something about it.

Economy? Co-ops. Everyone benefits.

There are over a dozen political parties (unlike in the US where there is one which goes by 2 names). Several have the word “socialist” or “communist” in the title!

They don't speak English and probably wouldn't understand his lardness when he tries to explain to them that their lives suck.

So Lush Bimbo freely admitted on the air that he indeed endorses socialism and wants it for himself but not for his listeners. Of course, his listeners probably didn't bother to look up Costa Rica on Google to see just how full of shit their leader is.

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