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Friday, March 12

It's the Wild West All Over Again

by blondesense liz

I watched this on BBC World News last night and it was alarming. The US is going bonkers. We are fostering a culture of fear and loathing. Or maybe it always was and I just wasn't paying attention.

The story is about Wisconsin where there is a movement called "Open Carry" and folks are wearing holsters everywhere they go. They interviewed a couple in a supermarket who were openly packing heat. The female said that she feels since she openly carries a gun that anyone who wishes to harm her while she's walking in a parking lot or street will probably not do so.

The following is just my opinion. I could be wrong:

I ask you, what kind of crime laden city does she live in where people are afraid of being gunned down or attacked? Why does she feel that she is such a target? Does she go around deliberately pissing people off? Is Wisconsin so dangerous? Maybe they need a better police force. I don't know.. And what kind of world are we living in that we can only co-exist if we're armed?

The movement wants to make it so that in the future, no one will think twice when they see someone walking around wearing a gun holster... they want it to be the typical American way!!! Wasn't that the typical American way when people were ravaging Indians and each other on the westward expansion? HFS. I'm askeered of people in this country.

It must be media like Faux News that is giving Americans the impression that it is so dangerous here. Or maybe it's because they are flaming racists and terrified of Obama. Or maybe the politicians are getting so much kickback from the NRA that they are pushing through all these laws to make it even easier to own guns.

In previous posts over the years, I mentioned that I live in NY where there is so much gun control that we mostly don't have guns, let alone carry them around. (If the supreme court makes it so that states can't decide whether or not to control guns, I really can't even imagine most of my neighbors running to the store to buy some.)

I am also of the opinion that since we are so crowded in downstate NY and the NYC metropolitan area, that it's a good thing we're not armed or it would be a bloodbath. Seriously, we're on top of each other and always bumping in to each other. A simple flip of a bird or a passionate "fuck you" is about as violent as anyone gets... or we hire lawyers and sue the pants off ya. Quite civilized, don't you think? (If I'm not mistaken, most of the violent crimes here happen between people who know each other or over drugs which if were legalized would probably put an end to that. The crime rate here is pretty low compared to the rest of the country, but then again NY is a police state and we are always being monitored.)

Do you think openly packing heat is a good idea? Is it that dangerous here?

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