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Thursday, March 25

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature...

Update: Take a look at this article by the Huffington Post that shows some of the anti-nature nature of Palin. And let the 2nd Grade educated Eileen O'Neill know you can't understand why she would agree to let a fool like Palin be allowed to spread her garbage on what used to be a respectable channel.

Not sure who to thank for the picture but it came from Attaturk over at FDL.

Palin's Anti-Nature Resume

Sarah Palin's Alaska

Discovery Channel has gone around the bend. They've picked up a series called "Sarah Palin's Alaska" to give her a paid arena to plug the state she tried to screw. (I didn't know Alaska was hers. I sort of thought it belonged to all of us. Silly me!)

"TLC is grounded in great storytelling, strong characters, and passionate audiences drawn to extraordinary people doing extraordinary things," TLC boss Eileen O'Neill said. "We are confident Sarah Palin's Alaska will be another compelling television event."

"I can't think of anyone more compelling than Sarah Palin to tell the story of Alaska," said Mark Burnett of Survivor Fame.

Yep! You betcha! There'll be SOME story telling. Can't wait to hear that "down-home talkin', leavin' all them 'g's' offin them wordzes." This actually comes as no surprise since the PTB on the Discovery Circuit have employed right wingers to make Nature "Fair and Balanced."

Evidently what makes someone an Alaskan Expert is to ride snow machines, kill wolves from a helicopter (some sport there!), and try to destroy the wilderness to drill for drops of oil. Yeah! Somehow that seems to go with the new theme of the Discovery Channel; "The hell with Nature, Drill Baby, Drill! - We want money!" And she was the BEST that could be found to showcase Alaska? The stupidity of the Republican miniature brain is truly mind-numbing.

There are many, many pages of comments, nearly all of which pan the idea and ask why. They also suggest writing Discovery's sponsors and telling them to dump the show. If you are so inclined, here is the link to let them know whether you agree with this farce or not:

Viewer Relations

Why would any channel other than Fox hire someone who so obviously lies unless they have ulterior motives? This is almost as idiotic as the SciFi, excuse me, SyFy Channel airing Studio Wrestling!

If the Discovery Channel is really intent on showing Sarah Palin's Alaska, they should show the destruction the Oil companies have wrought; update what the Exxon Valdez did; the numerous oil spills on the North Slope; the horrible way she treated the poor in Alaska; the way she wanted to exploit the state for business; and don't forget the expensive bridge to nowhere that she supported before she didn't support it.. Sarah Palin's Alaska!

If millions of other morons out there can boycott shows because they think the shows are too liberal, I can join the rabble from the left and boycott a channel that showcases a brainless shill and mindless producers that have no class and don't give one damn about the image their predecessors built.

On the other hand, to be honest, if this is anywhere close to real life Sarah Palin, she'll quit half way through...but keep the money!

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