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Monday, March 8

The GOP Supports Child Abuse in Schools

by blondesense liz

A few posts down, The Nanny State and Our Children, I cited several incidents where school officials had seen to it that students were suspended and even arrested for innocent offenses. I have just learned through this article that in some schools forced restraint is used as well as seclusion rooms for unruly students. This has led to many abuses and even death. I would not put it past teachers and school officials to restrain students whose behavior didn't warrant such a thing because as I pointed out in the post below, a 12 year old girl was handcuffed by police for writing on her desk and a child in Maryland was belittled by the teacher and arrested for refusing to say the pledge of allegiance. A kindergartener was suspended for mimicking a gun with his hand.

A report from the Government Accountability Office, released last year, found "hundreds of cases of alleged abuse and death related to the use of these methods on school children during the past two decades."

Congress has come up with a bill, Keeping All Students Safe Act, which sets up minimum national standards for restraint of unruly students. It turns out that only "23 US states have laws on the books restricting the use of solitary confinement and restraints on students, while another seven states have "weak" protections."

So the bill came to a vote. Guess what? The vast majority of GOPers voted against it along with 8 Democrats. Idiot ass, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) claims that a law banning child abuse in the schools will lead to a government takeover and suggests that states should legislate what amounts to abuse.

"It’s one thing after another after another after another, and pretty soon its a national curriculum with federal mandates, and imposing cultural impositions at the school level in every accredited district in the country," he said.
Cultural impositions? Give me a break. And from King? oh Lord.

"I know it's not the intent of this bill," said Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), "but the underlying message is you people back in your states and local school boards and local governments are a bunch of morons. You can't figure out that sitting on a precious little child and killing them is inappropriate."
Well yes that is the underlying message and obviously a federal law is needed to prevent students from being abused in states where they simply don't care enough to legislate against child abuse. Sometimes you simply need to kick states in the ass to do the right thing. In fact there are indeed many many morons in local as well as federal government and many morons running school districts.

I do find it interesting however that so many GOPers are for a federal marriage amendment which would mandate that marriage can only take place between a man and a woman in every state. While gay marriage doesn't hurt anyone and in some states the citizens are tolerant enough to not mind if gays wed, GOPers in DC find it repulsive enough to want to interfere with something that is simply none of their business. On the other hand, child abuse is child abuse and if some states don't get it, then it is up to the federal government to point out what constitutes abuse. It certainly is not a government takeover if there is a law against hurting kids in school.

I wrote in the post below that I attended Catholic schools when it was perfectly legal for a nun to abuse a child and there was abuse galore by today's standards in many states. No one escaped unscathed. I was beaten, smacked, hit, slapped and endured all sorts of physical contact by evil women in black robes for doing pretty much nothing... maybe sneering or laughing at something. I had my bangs cut off right to my scalp because they were too long. However, I was never restrained or put in seclusion. I was never duct taped or had food and water restricted at my school. What happened at home was another story though.

Here's another tidbit from the article. What do you think? Should the federal government stick its nose in or not?

A report from the Government Accountability Office, released last year, found "hundreds of cases of alleged abuse and death related to the use of these methods on school children during the past two decades."

  • Examples of these cases include a 7 year old purportedly dying after being held face down for hours by school staff, 5 year olds allegedly being tied to chairs with bungee cords and duct tape by their teacher and suffering broken arms and bloody noses, and a 13 year old reportedly hanging himself in a seclusion room after prolonged confinement.

The GAO report (PDF) noted that children with disabilities are especially vulnerable to abuse.

  • For example, teachers restrained a 4 year old with cerebral palsy in a device that resembled a miniature electric chair because she was reportedly being “uncooperative.”….Teachers confined [a 9 year old with learning disabilities] to a small, dirty room 75 times over the course of 6 months for offenses such as whistling, slouching, and hand waving….In another case, a residential day school implemented a behavior plan, without parental consent, that included confining an 11-year-old autistic child to his room for extended periods of time, restricting his food, and using physical restraints. The child was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder as a result of this treatment.
Shame on the Republicans and 8 Democrats who voted against this bill. Children do need to be protected. Otherwise they may grow up to be mean conservatives.

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