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Monday, March 1

Enough Right Wing Free Exposure!!!!!!!

Can't all the major Left Wing Progressive Blogs ignore the ravings of the Right for even ONE FREAKING WEEK?
Liz "I know all about everything since my daddy's king" Cheney was on Fox again spewing bull.
George Will, Eric Cantor and Cheney appear more regularly than the Pa. Groundhog.
Sunday talk shows have Howard Morris Agents booking Neos, teabaggers and the usual cadre of Right Wing nuts into 2011!
We listen to the incessant blatherings of Limbaugh, the drooling insanities of Beck and other idiots from the right. No sooner do they puke idiocy than the Left can't get it into print fast enough. No Democrats appear (they have no balls or intellect) and if they do, the Right Wing Media IGNORES THEM! So the fools on the right don't hear anything about what Democrats want to do anyway (if the Left even wants to do anything).
But since nearly every Leftist Blog regurgitates the vile spewed from those on the far right, millions more hear that propagandistic tripe than could possibly ever get it from FOX.
The Left MUST stop giving a free pass to those on the right through the internet. More people follow left wing blogs than the right. More independents follow left wing blogs and all they get is the Himmlerian Propaganda these fools spout. And make no mistake about it, the mouthpiece of the Republicans, Luntz, knows this. That's why he gets the goose-stepping Right to mindlessly repeat his babbling. He knows his message will reach more Americans because the Left repeats it to a bigger audience than FOX.
Try it for a week. Quit bitching about what the crazies on the right are saying. Don't give them exposure. leave that to FOX.
Who are we competing with, CNN?
What are we becoming, the media we all despise?

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