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Tuesday, March 30

Couple REQUIRED to use township water!! OH MY!!!

From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

An elderly couple from Hollidaysburg, Pa. is fighting an order requiring them to purchase and use water from a public municipality over their well water. Chlorine in the tap water causes the woman to get sick.
And there's this:

A township attorney told the judge on Monday that the ordinance requires the couple to use township water "for all human consumption."

Imagine that! A government entity ordering, nay, requiring that people must purchase and use government provided services! Of course, they don't have to drink the water, but they still have to pay for it whether they drink it or not. Can you beat that? And here someone told us that no one in this country is required to purchase anything.

I guess they can dehydrate to death, that would be their choice. But they still have to pay for the water they didn't use!

Shucks! The same ordinance is in effect where I live. My well water (which I'm no longer allowed to use - by law), is purer than the tap water the municipality provides. Even so, I am required to buy and use their water. But I better check with a plainsman to see if that's correct, you know. Because he KNOWS that I'm not required to buy anything from the government.

Isn't it amazing what those on the right will say or lie about to try to impress others with their lack of knowledge? Although I didn't consider the obvious fact that a reputable paper doesn't know as much as some small businessman who sells parts in a red state. It's also possible the reporter for the AP isn't as smart as the prairie home companion businessman because as we all know, the businessman KNOWS what is fact and what isn't. Therefore the AP reporter must wrong telling us this because no one is required to buy anything from the government!

Maybe the red state plainsman can get a few of his teabag friends together and put up some of their money to defend this (probably conservative) couple from the tyranny Obama and Congress impose. Oh Wait! I did check with the locals and, yep, you betcha, it's a right fine, legal ordinance. It was enacted by a local Republican controlled group of elected officers, in a very Republican part of the state during the reign of a Republican Representative and Republican State Legistature. But I'm sure it's still Obama and the Demorcatic Congress's fault.

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