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Wednesday, March 10

Another Sleight of hand???

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions!"

FISA will watch for them bad guys from overseas calling through 'Ma Bell' who plan nasty things to do to Amurikans. So we need to be able to monitor phone calls (just from those bad guys overseas) to make sure Suzie and Johnny are safe. We'll never spy on Amurikans!!

Have you seen the commercials on TV for Insurance fraud where the husband (of course) is making his wife tell the insurance company that there was a problem with their car (it was stolen or damaged by someone else when it was really his fault) when there really wasn't? The wife (of course) says, "But honey, that's insurance fraud!" And the husband again says that it won't matter because everyone does it and we'll get the car fixed or replaced or some such thing. So she does it.

Next thing you know the authorities call and say something to the effect that the car was found or they discovered that the other driver didn't do what the husband claimed.
The scene cuts to the worried look on their faces when they realize the husband will wind up married to someone named 'Rocco" for 5 to 10! You then hear the voice-over say, "This is insurance fraud. It's illegal and states are cracking down."

But...there's never a mention of the fraud the insurance companies perpetrate on consumers. So.......

From Huffington Post:

Obama:'Bounty Hunters' Will Help Fight Health Care Fraud With Computer Audits

"Obama's anti-fraud announcement was aimed directly at the political middle.

Waste and fraud are pervasive problems for Medicare and Medicaid, the giant government health insurance programs for seniors and low-income people. Improper payments – in the wrong amounts, to the wrong person or for the wrong reason – totaled an estimated $54 billion in 2009. They range from simple errors such as duplicate billing to elaborate schemes operated by fraudsters peddling everything from wheelchairs to hospice care.

The bounty hunters in this case would be private auditors armed with sophisticated computer programs to scan Medicare and Medicaid billing data for patterns of bogus claims. The auditors would get to keep part of any funds they recover for the government. The White House said a pilot program run by Medicare in California, New York and Texas recouped $900 million for taxpayers from 2005-2008.

The presidential memorandum Obama will sign Wednesday directs Cabinet secretaries and agency heads throughout the government to intensify their use of private auditors under current legal authority. Obama also announced his support for a bipartisan bill that would expand the ways government agencies can pay for such audits using recovered funds. Among its co-sponsors is Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Obama's GOP opponent in the 2008 presidential race."
We're going to save 2 billion over three years! Whoopie! After blowing a trillion on Wall Street, Barry and the ConDems are worried about 2 billion? Give me a break!

Wow! At first glance this looks like Team Amurica will be checking out those big bad insurance companies when they do dirt on people. I don't know how many people understand the intricacies of medical billing. Even some "private auditors" I know have a hard time.

Add to that these "private auditors" will have access to patients personal records and the temptation to sell that info or at the very least "have it stolen" and you have the makings of Medical FISA. And look who thinks this is a good idea...Johnny Boy and the Health Care Apologists!

And does anyone think the health companies won't offer these parasites some form of 'gratuity' to ignore the corruption they find these companies involved with and have the auditors start paying more and more attention to the people? It'll be easier to find John Q. Public lying about his back injury than twenty levels of deceit by Anthem. Is this administration as stupid or complicit as the previous to think Gene and Hoppy and Roy will ride in, guns blazing and expose Wellpoint and others in what rackets they pull? Yippee-ky-yay, mofo!

If Obama's team walks into a room and there's no one else there to smell the stench, does it still stink? Barry's Bounty Brigade will soon turn into Bush's FISA F*ckup. Anyone doubt that after what we've seen?

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