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Friday, February 5

Watch out what you wish for Tom Tancredo

Well folks, it seems that there is a Tea Bag Convention happening. Former congresscritter Tom Tancredo revealed his blatant racism and utter lack of critical thinking:

"In his speech Thursday to attendees, former Republican congressman Tom Tancredo invoked the loaded pre-civil rights era buzzword, saying that President Barack Obama was elected because "we do not have a civics, literacy test before people can vote in this country.""
No we don't have testing for voters. (read the article to see how the testing was formerly done) And if we did test all voters, there wouldn't be any neocons sitting in Washington reaping corporate bennies because most of the base that elects the far right whackos wouldn't pass a civics test in a million years. How much do you want to bet that they are pretty much all white people? The neocon base reacts to fear mongering. Period.

If they actually went back to teaching civics in American schools (assuming they could get everyone to learn how to read and comprehend), people would know that the neocons are about as anti-American as you can get. Duh.

Tancredo called Obama a "committed socialist ideologue," and referred to him by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama.
Oh for gawd's sake, Tancredo. Aside from your overt racism being a complete and utter turnoff in this day and age, get dictionary and a history book! Tancredo's audience was probably unaware of Tancredo's lack of vocabulary skills.

I have an idea. They ought to have people who run for office have to pass tests in history, current events, vocabulary and civics. It's only fair that people democratically elect citizens who are well studied in how the government is supposed to work. Ideaologues need not apply.

I wonder if the powers that be were shocked at Tancredo's statements too. After all, they rely on dumb white people in order to keep their power.... they were probably thinking, "no, no, no... our base will fail the tests!"

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