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Friday, February 12

Science be damned. It's cold out. Period.

You would think that the world was revolving around the east coast of the United States. Since it's been rather cold and pretty snowy in the mid atlantic, to Faux News it's positive proof that global warming is a hoax. Obviously no one on that network bothered to read what scientists say about global warming and what weather trends will occur as a result. Nope. They look out the window and determine that scientists are wrong and they are right. People turn on that channel and perceive that this is news and believe it.

The dumbing down of America is astounding because regular people think that they know everything. They don't 'believe' in science, they don't trust any history, they have limited vocabulary skills and when challenged tell you that the dictionary has a liberal bias.

Check out Fox News wants to proclaim blizzards proof that climate change is a hoax -- nevermind those pesky scientists

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