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Tuesday, February 23

Mass. New Republican Senator Freaks Out Conservatives

Scott Brown helps Democrats advance 'jobs' bill

WASHINGTON – A Democratic "jobs" bill has advanced past a GOP filibuster in the Senate, helped along by the vote of the chambers newest Republican. Scott Brown of Massachusetts was joined by several other Republicans to help Democrats defeat a filibuster orchestrated by GOP leaders by a 62-30 tally. The tally sets up a vote on Wednesday to actually pass the measure. continued

It wasn't even such a fabulous jobs bill because it had to be scaled down... but to show just how stupid people are they are freaking out that the newest Senator from Massachusetts must be a socialist. Interesting how so many Americans are downright hateful towards their fellow Americans and oppose any legislation that would help small businesses and the unemployed get back to work. It really makes no sense.

Check out the twitter about Scott Brown's supposed defection from the conservatives. ha! People of accusing him of not being fascist enough. The idiots don't even realize that they are supporting an agenda that would only hurt them personally in the long run.

Do people who are fortunate enough to have jobs understand that if millions of their neighbors are out of work or working for very little pay and not spending money, it will eventually put them out of business too? Does anyone understand cause and effect? Or is everyone out for themselves in such desperate times? We are a nasty nasty people.

And one more observation.... Republicans from the northeast aren't like Republicans from the rest of the country. They are much more moderate for the most part. And who the hell really expected someone from Massachusetts to be conservative?

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