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Wednesday, February 24

Joe Stack: Terrorist or Patriot?

It's interesting, but not surprising that Joe Stack, the man who flew his plane into an IRS building in Austin, has been receiving praise for being a "True American Hero." Facebook fan pages popped up supporting what he did which is rather scary because they want more people to take a stand against the government like he did. This could lead to a blood bath with a very unhappy ending.

Joe Stack's daughter, who now lives in (socialist) Norway, called her dad a hero for "standing up to the system" on Good Morning America. Furthermore
"She believes the reason Stack allegedly set his house on fire the morning of the attack is that "We pay taxes on our home as well. My belief is that the house was part of the government. And I think he wanted to get rid of what was left."
Um no.

Hey Joe Stack's daughter-- do you know what irony is?

I understand that desperate times call for desperate measures but this action is going to divide the American people rather than unite them because so many millions of Americans are seriously misinformed and uneducated.

The comments after this story Joe Stack is a "True American Hero": Facebook Groups Support Domestic Terrorist at are really interesting.

Was he a terrorist? Was he a patriot? Was he an unbalanced murderer?

Why has the right wing embraced him? How many teabaggers are lucky enough to afford to own an airplane? Where does the money to run airports come from? Where does the money for roads to drive on to the airport come from? You pay taxes to live in a society but what's wrong is what is being done with our tax money (wars, corporate welfare, politician's bank accounts, war profiteers) and the blame has to go fully on the shoulders of our elected representatives in DC.

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