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Sunday, February 28


No Liz. The post that was here wasn't aimed at you. It was for the "benefit" of a few who have emailed me since a comment about Macs a while ago.
They don't comment, just lurk and have chided me incessantly about supporting Microsoft. In truth I support a number of platforms. I've had a number of Apple products ranging from an original Apple, Apple II(and s), an iMac and even a Lisa for a brief period.
I just got sick and tired of these few condescending louts and their yuppie lives.
They support boycotts of sweatshops for shoes, food, poor treatment of animals and other "noble" efforts yet ignore the transgressions of Apple because they own one, have never owned a PC but enjoy slamming Microsoft.
The link finally showed the problem with Apple. Surprisingly, I've received NO emails from them, which is unusual...and entertaining.
Yes, most computers and parts are made in Asia but not all treat their employees worse than the Business Leaders of the early 20th Century.
Whether this makes any sense or not, I don't know. And maybe I didn't couch the post well. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.

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