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Friday, February 26

I'm Fixing A Hole and I'm Taking A Poll

Figured I'd kill two posts with one title. Actually, they're very connected on several levels -- in our world today, and especially in my day today. I was out last night doing some stuff at the kid's school. Noah's Ark must have been in the back of a lot of east coaster's minds I'll bet ( Hey - did you know his arc was ROUND!!). I felt like George Clooney in Perfect Storm trying to navigate the car. Several hallways in the school wing I was in were blowing leaks left and right from the ceiling tiles. AND piss me off I missed Idol -- I just started watching it on Wednesday and thought Lilly Scott rocked! Did she sing last night?

She sings Fixing A Hole, by the Beatles, at 1:00

FANTASTIC I'm predicting Lilly Scott to be our next Idol -- for today anyway. Like I said, I just started watching and have no idea who's who, I just loved her interpretation of this song. I usually don't have time to watch the details of the show. If the girls are home and I'm home (and awake) we have fun critiquing the singers and dissing the judges. I just love Ellen and Randy. Kara's got 'tude that makes me want to slap her and Simon - well I often wonder what Simon is like in real life. Liz, we should live Idol blog some night.

Well, onto the next bird, I mean post. When I got home last night, I couldn't focus and decided not to read up on how our politicians were dealing with the health care crisis. They are all a bunch of bird brains just chirping away needlessly instead of putting a single payer health care system into place. I haven't paid one bit of attention to what is going -- it's a waste of time. I don't get it anyway. Is a single payer system the same as a public option? Would the insurance companies be out of the picture if we had a single payer system vs. a public option? This morning I watched a few videos of the bickering at the above link. Rep. John Dingell's (D-Mich comments are what got me thinking about taking a poll on what the outcome of this "Bill" would be. I understood his Ten Commandment analogy, I didn't quite understand his "Dan Webster" quote. Turns out he only scrolled down and read the second half of it.

Our proper business is improvement. Let our age be the age of improvement. In a day of peace, let us advance the arts of peace and the works of peace. Let us develop the resources of our land, call forth its powers, build up its institutions, promote all its great interests, and see whether we also, in our day and generation, may not perform something worthy to be remembered.
(I think the first half is vital)

In the process of getting sidetracked at wiki and reading up on "Dan", I started clicking away on the links to the Second Party System, and then the Third Party System and then theFourth Party System where it seems these "Progressives" (Republicans?) are far from what I consider a progressive in today's "Whatever Party System". How may different forms of progressivism are there? Are there Progressive Democrats and Progressive Republicans? I wonder if there are any Whigs in politics today? So confusing........

Poll: Which Party System (from the past) would you vote that 'we the people' emulate in order to make our country work for each and every resident -- AND -- who would you consider (out of all the well know individuals from each party system throughout our entire history) to be the best one to lead this party?

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