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Thursday, February 25

Healthcare: Why we the people are going to be screwed.

Wonder why most of us have crappy healthcare insurance and it's unregulated? Wonder why it will be a cold day in hell before I can buy good coverage like federal employees get even though I'm already paying for theirs out of my taxes?

This is why:
Companies infused eight lobbyists for every federal lawmaker into the health care debate.

We the people don't stand a chance. The misinformation and disinformation is spreading like wildfire and ordinary Americans don't even realize that they are being had.

Wishing there was a hell for most of our legislators to burn in.

For any people who think that healthcare reform is going to cost them money.
Read this:
AP Fact Check: Health care bill would reduce most individual insurance premiums

For anyone interested in just how evil private insurance companies are, read this
Blue Cross parent hiked rates after paying out $39 million in bonuses

And here is A guide to debunking Republican talking points at the health care summit.
Unbelievable how Republicans change the subject and lie at every chance they get. They mostly change the subject and personally attack anyone who has an ounce of humanity. How did our country get so many mean people?

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