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Saturday, February 27

Forget reconciliation...

Great post over at C&L by Suzie

What one Asshole can do to America

that shows we need more than just SOME rules changed in the Senate. These asses are so full of themselves thinking they are the most important beings on earth...
We need to eliminate the possibility that ONE dementia infested, senile, addle-brained, moronic curmudgeon, who can't stay awake past 5:00 P.M, needs a nurse to wipe his butt and has to look at the ground to be able to walk can stop legislation from at least being considered.

Filibuster? Hell! The idiots on the Right don't even NEED the word. All they have to do is block something by cursing and bitching unless whatever they want is added to a bill!

No, folk. We need an overhaul of these lame-ass rules that allow monstrosities like Bunning to hold America Hostage.

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