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Tuesday, February 2

Do you talk on your phone or text while you are driving?

I happened to catch Oprah the other day and it couldn't have come on at a better time. I had just been talking to my youngest (she's about to turn 16) about the dangers of talking and texting while driving. Oprah's new No Phone Zone Campaign was a real eye opener. I am guilty of talking while driving, but only when I'm at stop signs (or when nobody is looking). I've been very mindful of not doing it, especially since I am telling my daughter she shouldn't. When I was a full-time realtor it seemed as though I was constantly on my phone while driving. If I didn't get an offer in for my clients within an hour of seeing the house, they lost out. I can remember driving along talking on the phone and thinking to myself -- where am I? Where am I going? What am I doing? Very distracting. Shame on me. I can't imagine how these kids can text and drive.

I sure hope the wireless companies are coming out with phones that have the capability for a user to just press a button that puts the phone in a "driving mode" so to speak. There's got to be some easy way to add a feature like this. Maybe add something like a message or tone that the caller or texter would receive: "The person you are trying to reach is driving". Or maybe the caller could hear a horn sound and they would know that the person is driving and they could leave a message. Of course the phone would have to be silenced while a message was being left. It's just as distracting when you're looking to see if you've received any messages.

Please sign the pledge or at the very least, promise yourself not to talk or text while driving

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