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Wednesday, February 24

Crappy Weather Report

Since we're a full service blog, let's whine about the weather.

A "monster storm" is heading to the northeast. Yuk.

Looks like upstate NY will bear the brunt of the blizzard and NJ, Pa, Md, De and DC will have significant snowfall. Don't know what it will be like on the Isle of Long and directly northward. Could be snow. Could be rain. Could be a mix as this particular map indicates. It depends on what channel you watch. I'm sick of shoveling... not that I do a heck of a lot of it since I have a 24 year old male living at home (and isn't that why we have children?)

Because of this storm, let us remind ourselves that global warming must be a hoax as the eastern seaboard of the United States is indeed the cradle of civilization and what happens here is what matters. Period.

Counting the days until spring. Hurry!

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