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Tuesday, February 23

Another Cheney/media rerun???

Deadeye's been harping for a couple of years that releasing a certain memo would show that torture worked to get them bad guys captured! He said we got a guy in 2003 because we tortured another bad guy.
Well, the memo came out (not quite redacted enough) to show that the bad guy Deadeye talked about was captured 3 months before the other guy was tortured! Oops! That could really make Dickie look bad!
After going on the media and proclaiming that torture worked for the Bush Admin, it looks now like Dickie Baby fibbed! What a surprise!

But what's really interesting is that, all of a sudden, like a number of times in the past, Deadeye quite suddenly and conveniently gets chest pains, is hospitalized, gets media sympathy and everyone forgets that he lied! Who'd have thought?
Now once is understandable. But this isn't the first time the grim reaper's protege has pulled this stunt. Other chest pains, leg pains all have conveniently occurred just before and after embarrassing revelations of other Bush/Cheney lies.
What's worse is that the Dems buy into this 110% of the time.

Hey Dems! I got a deal for you. An empty cardboard box you can all crawl into for the next 2 years. All you have to do is bring a quart of Vaseline with you to Barry's basement..and a beer)!

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