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Saturday, February 20

Again with Texas

Was the Flinstones a documentary or a cartoon show that riffed on the Honeymooners? A third of Texans might believe that humans co-existed with dinosaurs.

In light of the battle going on in Texas to "improve" the curriculum, that percentage may rise in the future.

But then again, I wonder how well other states would rate. (I wonder if any of my neighbors "believe" in the Flintstones? Dare I bring it up in casual conversation or keep my big mouth shut?)

I know that we have a number of readers from foreign lands. This is for you:
Can you believe that the national debate in this country lately is whether or not we should "believe" in science or the bible? Apparently you can't have it both ways. What century is this again? And all this from the country that leads the world in producing weapons of mass destruction. sheesh. Can you spell c o n s p i r a c y to dumb down the populace?

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