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Wednesday, January 13

worse living through polymer chemistry

Okay, let me preface the first link with: Why the hell were these baby bottle companies still selling bottles with BPA in them?  Are they criminally ignorant, or just cheap bastards?  Or both?
Finally, baby bottles will be free of BPA.  And yes, these are US companies which were holdouts on the issue.  My personal reaction, if I had an infant or small children, would be to stage a boycott of products from these companies.  They do not give a rat's ass about public health. 
And a preface for the second link: I'd love to see the brain trust at the American Chemistry Council consume isolated BPA, in addition to the trace amounts of it in canned foods and liquids stored in plastic, and tell us with a straight face that the stuff is perfectly harmless and could actually class as its own food group.
Yes, we now have proof that BPA is implicated in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and liver disease.  That's in addition to the cancer connection.  And the plastic industry is having a hard time spinning this to neuter it.

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