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Saturday, January 30

The March of the Venal Bastards

Oh boo flippin' hoo, we saw during the State of the Union address President Obama being all mean as he called out the Supreme Court of the United States for being a bigger bunch of venal bastards than this piss-poor bowling team* actually is, and Associate Justice Samuel "Baldy" Alito shaking his head and mouth either "Not True" or "Fuck You."

Either of which should have netted him an elbow to the ribs from Justice Sotomayor.

Perhaps I am being too harsh for referring to the Supreme Court as a bunch of venal bastards, but I calls 'em like I sees 'em. Associate Justice Antonin "Blood Sausage" Scalia went duck hunting with VP Cheney back in the day and didn't recuse himself from any court decisions afterward.

But let's not lose sight of the true people to blame for the current makeup of the Supreme Court, and recall that the Justices have life tenure unless they are either impeached or retire.

No, not the Bushite Junta - although they bear blame for suggesting the names.

Yep, the Democrats in the Senate.

See, they had the chance to filibuster Roberts and Alito, the opportunity to so hamstring things that Bush would have been forced to withdraw the nominations and select someone else. Hell, I watched the Roberts nomination hearings - he was practically laughing his head off at the questions he was being asked, and the smirk on his face boded ill.

But they didn't.

And now the Supreme Court, by the inevitable 5-4 margin, decided to piss a century of precedent away and declare that corporations were people and that Money Does, In Fact, Talk.

My suggestion for the Democratic leadership in the Senate - well, mass seppuku is so messy, so I'll accept a mass resignation.

Now let's drift across the pond to where the British, still proud of their Imperial past, have set up the Chilcot Committee to explore the reasons and whys and wherefores behind the United Kingdom's involvement in the Iraq War and the shenanigans the Blair Government pulled to draw the British into the conflict.

Yesterday it was former Prime Minister Tony "Monsignor" Blair up before the Committee, who allowed him to slip in via a back door rather than face the crowds gathered outside the building howling for Blair to be hauled off to the Hague and tried for war crimes. In his testimony, he reiterated his assertion that the world is a safer place with Saddam gone, and the blame for the current state of affairs is the fault of ... the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Tony, Tony, Tony - didn't they teach you anything in those schools you attended apart from how to avoid being anally raped? When you destroy a regional power, you create a vacuum that inevitably draws another power into primacy. Iraq was the only counterweight to Iran in the entire Southwest Asian region (I exclude Israel as a matter of course), and if Iraq was taken out it was obvious that Iran would take advantage of the new power realities. Of course, geopolitics is no longer taught, but history is. There are ample examples.

Not your fault - you were obviously either blinded by your messianic vision or by the need to find some way to restrain George Bush and the neocons, who were planning on invading and destroying Iraq as far back as the late 90s. Interestingly, though, the people who the neocons relied upon to buttress their anti-Iraq arguments were all Iranian or had been on the Iranian dime (or dinar).

The Democratic leadership in the Senate still refuses to believe that they have a greater majority in that chamber than Bush ever had, and still act like a bunch of spineless jackoffs. The current breast-beating over the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United is disingenuous at best.

And while our principal ally seeks to get to the bottom of the debacle that was, is and will be the Iraq War, we continue to allow the neocons and their enablers to whitewash history and make Our Iraq Adventure into a glorious struggle for peace and freedom, rather than for what it really was.

*A piss-poor bowling team in Biloxi, Mississippi, no less.

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