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Wednesday, January 27

Just an observation...

Languages are fascinating. But of all of them, English is the most special. Maybe it's because the way we place adverbs or adjective before verbs or nouns. Maybe it's just the way life can be described (which is much gooder than any other language).
So tonight, between 9 and, say 10:15, I had this remembrance of an old Night Gallery Episode;"The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes."

For those who never saw it, this youngster (a VERY young Clint Howard, Ron's brother) has the ability to predict what will happen in the very near future. People become believers quickly. Everyone rallies around him, believing things he says. But one day he predicts that tomorrow there will be peace on earth and everyone will be happy.

Humans, being the natural cynics they are, react quite negatively to the kid they all praised. When his mother asks why he said what he said, little Clint looks at her and asks, (and the quote is close) "Do you know what a nova is?"

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