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Tuesday, January 26

Editorial: The State of the Union Sucks

After months without healthcare insurance we have it again (not that it really mattered because my previous healthcare insurance DECLINED all the claims and I have bills galore that I cannot pay). The co-pays on the monthly prescriptions that I need filled are so high that I cannot afford to buy the meds. I'll have to take them every other day or every few days so that one prescription can last a few months... and if I get really sick as a result... then the insurance company will have to pay (or not) big bucks to fix me unless they are lucky and I drop dead. You'd think that they would be happy to support preventative care... but nooooo.

So what's my latest gripe?
I need a fucking job. My son who is out of college for 3 years needs a fucking job. We apply for job after job and it appears these days that employers don't even bother to contact you to tell you that they're not interested... why? because thousands of people apply for every stinking job that comes along. The competition is staggering. I can't even get a $7.50/hr job at a store cutting fabric! (I never put on my resume or applications that I have 2 masters degrees.) My son can't even get a job at a supermarket, for god's sake.

Did you know that it's also damn near impossible to get a volunteer position as well? Thousands of applicants, especially recent college grads, are applying for those too. I suggested to my son that he go out there and do volunteer work... no luck yet. Still trying.

I looked into going back to school for my son and I to learn an actual skill... it seems that the healthcare industry has the most jobs and I wouldn't mind being one of those people who operates xray machines or sonogram machines. Hell I could learn how to take blood. Whatever. But you need money to go back to school and when you don't have a job, how do you pay for school? Loans? Good god, who needs more loans... especially young people trying to start out? And what if you still can't get a job after going for job training because there are still thousands of applicants for every job that might come along? (And who's hiring 55 year olds?) That option is still on the table though.

Okay, okay.. yes I'm fortunate that there is one gainfully employed person in the family, but it's in the automobile industry... talk about a shaky job. So after 28 years in the same house which is paid off we still face losing the house should someone lose their job because our taxes are so enormous in Nassau County, NY. We have the highest paid police force and teachers in the country. Never mind that the tax payers who pay those salaries should be so lucky to have such fabulous income and benefit packages (save for the stock brokers and bankers who live here). Most of these idiot asses in the cushy municipal and union jobs support the fascists because they watch Faux News and think they are patriotic! They have no idea just how stupid they are... and the rest of us have to pay for it. The high paid teachers aren't exactly churning out any great minds around here. They want their unions, but they support those who would loooove to destroy unions. duh. How can I keep my sanity? Help!

Never in my 55 years on earth have I seen such a mess handed to the American people.

The robber class has succeeded in doing away with the the American experiment. I personally know dozens of people, living paycheck to paycheck, who believe that the result of the Massachusetts election last week will finally bring America back to a real democracy. Viva la corporate media! God help us.


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