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Wednesday, January 6

Doesn't all the disinformation get to you?

First of all, I was one of those people who never believed for one second that Obama was liberal when I voted against Sarah Palin and John McCain. I have been greatly dismayed that he is following in bush's shoes when it comes to war, foreign policy and having drones drop bombs on countries we're not at war with. I'm not thrilled with his back pedaling on campaign promises but not all that surprised because he is a corporatist when it comes down to it. I am thrilled though that Palin is not the Veep.

What is really confusing me however are all the people I know who were against Obama and are now saying that he didn't deliver what he promised in his campaign regarding health care insurance (the same promises that they were appalled at, so technically they should be thrilled with him)... but then again, they are probably just repeating talking points they heard on Faux News or hate radio.

Over the holidays some people whom I thought were pretty intelligent mentioned to me that they didn't want the Canadian model of health care in our country. I asked how exactly the Congressional or Senate proposals were like Canada's national health care. Of course, no one could answer that... because, duh, no one was proposing Canadian type health care, no one really knows very much about it except that there are waiting lists for operations in Canada.

And these death panel accusations... Sheesh. At this moment in time, Medicare and Medicaid are awesome for old people.... hell, even if you're dying of something else, Medicare will pay for your triple bypass, hip replacements and the like. But if you're on private insurance, the insurance companies would scoff at the idea and most automatically reject any claims you may have. I'll give you death panels- private insurance companies. My friends who work in government have great health care insurance. It's enviable. How could seemingly intelligent people suddenly be afraid of "government run health insurance"? Sure, it's wasteful, but at least you can get medical care.

I've been paying for my son's private health insurance until he finds a job with bennies. It appeared to be a fine plan and was very expensive for a 24 year old. $500/month. He was admitted to the hospital last summer and was kept for 2 nights. I called the insurance company after he was admitted to report it (just in case.) Months later we were informed that the insurance company deemed that he didn't need to be in the hospital for 2 nights and would only pay for one night (as if my son had any say in the decision to stay an extra night for observation.) Luckily in NY State, we can appeal these decision and we're in the process of that right now.... but sheeeet, man.... way to wreck a kid's credit rating. (I have counseled him to move to a nice European country and then send for my old ass.)

I'm just pretty pissed off that there is so much disinformation being peddled by so called "news" organizations who don't fact check what politicians say before they report it.

Well that's enough ranting for the day.

What's bugging you?

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