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Saturday, January 23


The desperate people of Haiti are now turning on each other. The aid that you've been contributing has not reached most of the people. They're starving and they're scared. Supplies are being turned away at airports. Doctors are being told to evacuate field hospitals due to security concerns. It's a heinous disaster.

But I ask you-- Is it "looting" when your economy has crumbled, your hometown has been decimated by an earthquake and you or your family or neighbors are starving or in need of medicine so you pick up some supplies from a store that has been abandoned?

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE MEDIA? Why do they call saving your life after a disaster 'looting'? I hardly think that so called "looters" are in it for the joy of obtaining free stuff. What would you do if this happened in your town? And who are the real criminals in most disasters? Why it's the politicians in charge who are utterly incapable of organizing a rescue mission. In Haiti, there are reports of many citizens taking charge and distributing necessities to others.

THE CORPORATE MEDIA WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE THAT PROPERTY AND BUSINESSES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN HUMAN BEINGS: During the Katrina aftermath when people dared to procure food and water the media deemed them to be criminals. This is what's happening in Haiti now... and happens after every disaster in every country.

The NY Daily News reports:
"Police fatally shot two men in an attempt to stop hundreds of people looting a supermarket. There were scattered reports of other looters being badly beaten by crowds."

Are they fucking kidding me? Aren't there enough dead people in Haiti already? Maybe one of those men was trying to get water, food or bandages for his family who are now homeless or badly injured?

Sure, there will be people who will take unnecessary items from stores... but do they deserve the death penalty?

Why don't the cops try to organize a salvage operation and distribute abandoned property in business districts to the citizens?

Check out this website, where there is a whole series of photos of Looting in Haiti.
This is why the corporate media disgusts me. Are we to believe that it's some sort of virtue to starve to death or bleed to death rather than salvage life saving supplies from an abandoned business? Sure it's chaos... but the media wants you to side with the property.

What would you do in such a dire situation? What would the writers and reporters for the corporate media do if they were in the same situation?

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