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Tuesday, January 26

Better to be pissed off than on...

While we were sleeping…

Who decided that a neophyte Senator from Illinois should run for and might make a good president – and when? Was it based on his 2004 Convention Speech? If so, that puts him right up there with the likes of Bush the Second in qualifications; because he talks gooder?

Was there a meeting in a Chicago back room in 2006 when the Democrats decided to abdicate responsibility to the people they represent? Looks like the Democratic Party was hijacked mid-flight 2006, pushed through, excuse me…Rahmed through the door without parachutes and replaced with Manchurian Clones.

We need a Congressional inquiry into party crashers? But when people carry guns to a presidential speech, that merits…nothing? Way to stick to your priorities Democrats!

Don’t cry for me, America. There are a lot of cushy lobby jobs waiting for losing Democrats after 2010 who sold out the people.

Maybe there has been some secret revelation to the U.S. and world governments, kinda like those special letters the guy who wears the funny hat in Italy has. Maybe aliens have already told the politicians there’s no god so they can screw whomever they want anyway they want and not worry about eternal damnation. Think about it! UFOs debunked by the government even though lots of sane people have seen them. But there really hasn’t been that many sightings of late! Hmmmm? About those clones…

Quiz Time!

Finish these sentences:

Obama’s Health Care Bill will help you by ____________.

The Health Care Bill won’t ever affect me because ___________.

I have no objections at all to a Health Care Fee or Fine because __________.

Imagine what America would be like if Obama weren’t a Democrat __________.

The Republican mind is like a ___________.

The Democratic mind is like a ___________.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats is ____________.

The last good Republican or Democrat was _____________ because ___________.

Wall Street and American Banks need the bail out because _________.

We can’t appoint progressives to cabinet or judicial positions because ________.

Trading pollution credits is a good thing because _______.

Right Wing politicians aren’t against abortion because of religious reasons. They just want to save lives because __________.

It’s better to spend money to kill people in Iraq and Afghanistan instead of helping Americans because _____.

We can’t spend money taking care of Americans because the cost would keep Republicans from spending money on _________.

Barack Obama will make a great president because _________.

Teabaggers believe big corporations rather than our government because ______.

It’s better to cut taxes on the rich than to give aid to the middle class and poor because _________.

My son or daughter should marry a politician because _______.

Politicians should be protected from the people because _________.

Remember! He who dies paying the least taxes…wins!

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