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Monday, November 9

WTF Long Island

Last night though I was talking to someone who lives in the town just south of me and he told me they were fighting to keep black people from the next town over out of their village. He said it was sickening. Oh for god's sake, I thought that we were beyond that crap by now. But nooooooo

Then I read this story this morning and it just blew my mind.
After immigrant killed in NY, others tell of abuse
PATCHOGUE, N.Y. — The high school buddies who trolled the streets looking for Hispanics to attack called it "beaner hopping."

"Jose, Kevin and I started popping and Jose punched him so hard he knocked him out," Anthony Harfford told police.

Harfford said he didn't do it often: "Maybe only once a week."

There had been other high-profile attacks on a growing Hispanic population on eastern Long Island before Ecuadorean immigrant Marcelo Lucero was stabbed to death a year ago Sunday on a street corner.

But it wasn't until the seven teens accused in the killing told police of the attacks — and Hispanic residents who had been long silent about hate crimes came forward to confirm the stories — that officials began to realize what they were dealing with.

Parts of eastern Long Island are pretty red-necky and always have been. It's pretty surprising to read that this sort of hatred is becoming more blatant though. I need to open my eyes more.

On most of Long Island, it is not socially acceptable to be openly racist so I was not really aware that it was so prevalent here (and I suppose that since I mostly associate with liberals and progressives, I didn't see the whole picture.) The island is becoming more and more populated with Central American immigrants, and from my experience thus far, these folks are lovely, hard working people. There are many folks from El Salvador now living in my town and taking the place of the Italian immigrants who were here when I moved in. As far as I know, there haven't been any hate crimes taking place in my area and I pray that we remain tolerant and welcoming to new arrivals to the US... and I think we need to totally kick the butts of the white KKK types and let them know in no uncertain terms that their behavior will not be tolerated.

This was on The Daily Show a few months ago and it was just painful to watch (about 2 minutes into the video). Oh god, yes. We have plenty of assholes here.

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