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Saturday, October 3

The Truth About Jobs

Most of the readers here have figured this out already...

Shorter Robert Reich: The only way to get Americans back to work is for the government to invest in Americans and create jobs. With so many people out of work or afraid of losing their jobs, there isn't a whole lot of shopping by people or investing by companies. It will take a long time for this situation to improve without the government investing in public works projects. The debt once incurred by WPA was paid off in the 1950's when American's were working and the economy was good. I wonder how the debt for 2 long lasting illegal wars will ever be paid off with so many Americans living paycheck to paycheck and with the super rich paying very few taxes.

The politics will get even uglier if the government invests in its citizens... but what else is new?

When I talk to most people who are out of work, they are not collecting unemployment insurance. Those people are not counted in the unemployment figures so it is estimated that out of work American's are at about 20%!

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