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Tuesday, September 1

What the hell is going on?

Still depressed here.

Still paying through the nose for my son's healthcare insurance since he cannot find a job anywhere. Healthcare insurance in NY state is astronomical. Where are those green jobs? He'll take anything... anywhere. Why do we push our kids to go to college when there is nothing waiting for them when they get out? Even the stores aren't hiring. The phone company is conducting layoffs. The post office isn't hiring. What is going on?

And where am I going to find at job at my age? When my husband goes on Medicare in a couple of years, I'll need to get health insurance too. How will I afford it? Sure, I'm willing to move and want to move... but to where? Red states are cheaper but I might lose my mind if my elected official is an evangelical fascist corporate owned maniac... not that northeastern Democrats are saints or anything but they don't interject misinterpreted biblical claims into their rhetoric. They're secular dictators here.

I read this morning that 78% of Americans want a public option but no one is listening. Will the Democrats cave to few fascists in government and a small group of loud mouths who disrupt town hall meetings armed with disinformation? Do any journalists have balls or are they just trying to hold on to their jobs in a time when it's so very hard to get a job?

This is a good article I read this morning: The Republican "Do Not Resuscitate" Plan To Let Medicare Die Check it out. It really is despicable how they have deceived senior citizens. If the GOP gets their way Medicare will be dead right before I qualify. Sane people do not mind paying taxes if they get something for it.

So where's the rally to send a strong message to the obstructionist GOP? I'm there.

I can't believe it's their plan to take down the whole country with their sinking ship. God help America.

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