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Monday, September 21

The Stupid ... It BURNS ...

There are times, dear readers, when the overwhelming impact of The Stupid only serves to remind me how fragile sanity actually is in an increasingly silly world. But all is not lost - while The Stupid is painful to witness, it is also a rich source of humor.

Exhibit A for this is a brief screed by Michael Schwartz, the Chief of Staff for the egregious Senator Tom Coburn (R-Wingnutland West) who had this to say at the Value Voters Summit recently. He was speaking at a small get-together forum thingy titled "The New Masculinity:"

Weird, eh? According to this rube's logic, an issue of Playboy can turn an 11-year-old boy as gay as Oscar Wilde. Think about that for a moment, and feel your synapses withering away like dry grass in a bonfire.

Of course, the Stupid isn't quite everywhere yet - a new poll in Iowa reveals that 92% of those Iowans polled say that gay marriage hasn't affected them at all. So much for the fearmongering about The Decline of Civilization, huh?

Then consider this little snippet of Bad Craziness:

Jedi Ejected From Tesco's.

Just revel in the fires of Stupidity as it burns your brain cells.

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