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Thursday, September 17

Mary, you're sorely missed

It totally gobsmacked me to see on the news early this morning that Mary Travers had died.  She was battling leukemia, and only 72.
I was raised on Peter, Paul & Mary (and a great many other things), and learned many of their songs in elementary school.  That's 1970s elementary school, back when kids were taught songs from the Pete Seeger catalog without fear of their parents writing angry mob-mentality letters to principals and school boards to complain of radical indoctrination.  It was what would now be considered a subversive education in doing good, looking out for others, and being good citizens, which I wouldn't trade for anything.
We've lost so many this year, but Mary hits me hard.  It feels like some hope has been lost.  A bright light which shined for decades and inspired others to just do it, to just go ahead and be an activist and stand up for what you believe in, is now dimmed.
Thank you for following your heart and inspiring so many to do the same, Mary.

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