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Friday, September 4

"Hey, Soul Sister"

It's been a couple of years since we've heard from them. The Train's DEFINITELY on time with this new song. FINALLY!! A great pop tune for all of us to listen to. Good tunes seem to be in short supply on the airwaves lately. My fingers get quite the workout changing stations all of the time. A lot of hand slappin' fights while driving the kids around trying to agree on a station.

We all yelled "TURN IT UP" when this one came on the other day.

youtube poster writes: Video I did for the band TRAIN using archival footage.

I wonder when we'll see an "official" video.

I bet we'll see/hear this song on a future movie soundtrack. It just works so well.

It's easy going, has a simple melody, and a hook that will certainly catch and reel you in.


Is that a ukulele I hear??

Jimmy on the Ukulele

"I Gotta hear that one again"

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