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Friday, September 25

Have you seen the new commercial ad featuring James Dean?

The ad is put out by Allan Gray, an investment firm I've never heard of. I know I don't get out much. Maybe I'm just not wealthy enough to know about them. Whatever.

From the

What if James Dean had lived? Astonishing new advert gives the original rebel a cause - and takes film critics by storm

Hollywood rebel James Dean is walking the screen again in a new advert that imagines what his life would have been like had he not died in a car crash aged just 24.
Technology brings the Rebel Without A Cause star back to life - and then ages him, showing a startlingly realistic version of what might have been.
He is shown receiving a lifetime achievement Oscar, as a director, protesting against the Vietnam War, and as a rather Angelina Jolie-like humanitarian ambassador.

So, what do you think about this ad? Not from a film critic's point of view, but as a viewer -- sitting home watching it on tv.

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